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Federation of Galaxian Rulers - Home

The FGR offer a wide range of interstellar services to planets outside of our control. Quotes can be provided by contacting the FGR Sales Office in the Galaxy closest to your planet.

Inter-Galactic Transport
We have a fleet of P-Class ships available for lease. These ships are able to transport cargo or passengers and are available on a light year term basis

Security Services
We have a vast number of security forces available for deployment at very short notice. With our huge contingent of resources spread deeply across the universe, we are able to offer a guaranteed arrival time from agreed deposit of within 2 Earth days.

Medical Aid
Our Medicaid expert personnel are able to competently treat more than 4 million different species of sentient being. Please call our emergency event centre by dialling ++1++1-999-HELPME from any available digital communication device. This service is available free of charge to planets within FGR control, and for a small fee for any other planet whose event casualties exceed 3000.

Accounting Package
Sign up to our specialist accounting package for a visit from one of our highly skilled, multi-currency trained accountants. They have more than 6000 combined Earth years of experience in dealing with more than 10 million currencies universally, and are able to give training and advice to your own local accountants on many matters, including the smooth integration into FGR control.

Other Services
Information Management design and implementation
Hosting venue access for authorised conference events
WMD destruction and disposal facilities
Advanced translation services
SR (Specie Resources) and personnel management

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