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Our Current Priority Mission:
The bringing together of two inhabitants of Earth who the future security of our universe depend on. Since their separation, great uncertainty and pain has cruelly ripped across many galaxies. The joining of these two entwined spirits will see happiness spread across the surface of millions of systems, and ultimately bring an end to their suffering at the hands of others.

Many years ago, on planet Earth, a delivery of two very special and very important humans was intercepted by a wave of dark cosmic energy. This energy caused a rip in both space and time, leading to each of them landing on different Earth continents, in different time zones and a little under a decade apart.

This very sequence of events led to the complete restructure of the Federation of Galaxian Rulers, under the direction of Omnipotent Being. He, who has for so long been the sole force behind happenings in the universe, has now passed on some of his responsibilities to more than 200 billion individual Galaxian Rulers. The focus of their job? To manage the safety and security of their respective Galaxies and to do all that is within their power to maintain current and future working relationships through the Inter-Galactic Consortium of Rulers (ICR).

The FGR also offer many services to planets outside of FGR controlled galaxies. Omnipotent Being is ultimately the overseer of ALL the planets of the universe, but for political reasons some planets remain independent, seeking out the FGR on a consultancy type basis. You can view a non-exhaustive list of services available on our services page.

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